Thursday, 8 March 2012


Everyone that knows me know how much I like oranges. I grew up surrounded by orange trees in a farm in Portugal, and that's one of the things I miss the most about living over here.

So a while ago, while grocery shopping, I bought 6 bags of Seville oranges by mistake, the really bitter ones that are used for marmalade.
I got so excited when the lady was reducing these bags of lovely oranges that I didn't even noticed that they were not the sweet edible ones. I was dreaming of freshly squeezed orange juice in the morning for at least a week. Ahhhh it will be like old times me thinks...
Until! When i got home, got one out of the bag, examined it, smelt it, looked at the packet, and my heart sank... dam!
So I just thought, when life gives you bitter oranges, you make marmalade!
And here is how it went!

I am not entirely sure what i'm supposed to do with all this marmalade as neither me or my partner are great marmalade fans :D


  1. I LOVE marmalade !!! So how hard is it to do as i have always wanted to make it and or Jam ? i love the photos you took and how you laid out this blog post

  2. Hi! how rubbish am I that I didn't even notice till now that I had a comment?? Marmalade is not that hard to make, until it gets to the time to get it to set, and I always get worried that it won't... I used to make tons of jam when i had an allotment. Jam is bit easier, because it's not so much work to prepare the fruit, unless you make smooth marmalade and then you just chuck it all in! :D