Thursday, 21 June 2012

It's bike week!

This week , the 16-24 June 2012, it's Bike Week!

I haven't been on my bike this week yet as I had a terrible cold! but I'm feeling a bit better today, and even thought it's raining again! I might go out for a little cycle to get a few things done.

I love cycling and I love bikes, all kinds of bikes.
 My bike is probably the favourite thing that I own.
 It's fun to ride, it's good exercise, it takes you places for free, most times faster than a car!
Can't get better than that!

The bicycle is such a beautiful object, that I feel inspired all the time to make things bike related.

I was looking at my pictures last night and noticed that I do have quite a lot of stuff made with bike print fabrics, my own bike prints, bike sewing machine doodles, bike paintings, etc...

Here are a few that I found:

From my new collection, a lemon yellow sunglasses case, a cute kindle/ gadget case, and two little purses.

My grovy handbag featuring my own printed bike, a sewing machine bike doodle that I enjoyed making so much!, a little bike painting, and a cushion. 

My bike bag, pannier and handbag and a bike basket inner.

Right, I need to be off now, my bike is waiting for me :)

I'll leave you a some pictures I took a couple of years ago at a "Bike bar/stage" at the Glastonbury Festival.

Pretty cool ha?
see ya!x

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