Saturday, 19 May 2012

And the winner is...

So, I just had to disturb my little sleeping beauty so she could choose the winner of my little purse giveaway. 
Look at that grumpy face, she's not happy!

I wrote the names on bits of paper, and wrapped them around Cookie's favourite treats.
I then scattered them around the bed in front of her and waited to see which one she went for first.
Oh, I'm interested now! - she says.
nom nom nom

And the name on the first one was: Polly, from Polly Doodars. Congratulations Polly!!

I was then left with a happy cat and a bed full of cat treat crumbs  since I let her have the rest of the other wrapped up ones :)
 Well done Cookie, time to change the sheets now. 

           Me and Cookie xxx